About Me

My name is ηŽ‹θ‹₯丞(romanized: Ruocheng Wang), but I also go by the English name Jerry.  I am currently a 11th grade student at Choate Rosemary Hall. I am very passionate about computer science, robotics and photography. For more information, please go to the My Photos and Programming Experience sections of this website.

Origin of My Names


I use the username "pkqxdd" for almost every website except Instagram (yrrejkk, first five characters are "Jerry" backward.) It is, as of now, unique on the Internet. You can find me if you search "pkqxdd" with some search engines (tested with Google, Baidu and DuckDuckGo.) I started to use this name since 3rd grade. It is Chinese Pinyin initial for two anime characters, Pikachu and Doraemon. I liked them so much when I was little. Though a little bit (maybe very?) childish, I haven't changed it because it's so hard to find a unique name on the entire Internet that is not generated by a computer program.


I picked up the name Jerry when I was in kindergarten because it was fashionable, at that time and place, to have a English name. I chose it because I liked cartoon Tom & Jerry. I started to use it after I went to the U.S. because I realized after a month of experimenting, my Chinese name was too hard non-Chinese speakers to pronounce. 

About This Website

This website is the first website I've ever written (excluding hackathon projects). It is powered by django, a famous web framework written in Python. I designed and implemented every single page, including all HTML, CSS, server side logic and database model, without using WYSIWYG or CMS program, such as WordPress, of any sort.