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About Me

I'm Jerry Wang (Chinese: 王若丞). I'm currently a senior in Choate Rosemary Hall (a private high school in Connecticut). Unlike some people who believe that our past doesn't matter, I believe that my past has largely shaped my current self, which is why I'm sharing some of my personal stories on this website.  


My primary medium of art is photography. In this increasingly fast-paced digital world, photography gives me motivations as well as excuses to slow down and observe the world. Unlike other forms of art, photography is purely digital and produced by electronics, which is where my strength lies. 

All my arts are posted on the artworks page and on my Instagram.


I'm a full-stack developer. Some of the projects I've worked on include this website (you can find more details at about this website), some autonomous robots, neural networks, etc. I'm currently programming an online card game. 

You can find more about my skills at programming experience.

My Identifiers

Inevitably, I am tied to some identifiers (like an object is always assigned to some variable/constant names in programming). So I think it's worthwhile to explain where they come from.


I prefer using the feminine pronouns she/her. But I'm also fine with the gender-neutral pronouns they/them. Is my gender fluid? I don't really know. It changes way too fast for me to tell. 


I use the username "pkqxdd" for almost every website except Instagram. It is unique on the Internet. You can find me if you search "pkqxdd" (tested on Google, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo.) I started to use this name since 3rd grade. It is Chinese Pinyin initial for two anime characters, Pikachu and Doraemon. I've loved them since I was a kid. Though a little bit childish, I haven't changed it because it's so hard to find a unique name on the entire Internet that's not a random string.


I picked up the name Jerry when I was in kindergarten because it was fashionable to have an English name. I chose it because I liked the cartoon Tom & Jerry. I especially liked the intelligence of the mouse. I started to use it after I went to the U.S. because I realized my Chinese name was too hard for non-Chinese speakers to pronounce. 


This is what I use for Instagram and Google because the name "pkqxdd" was registered and I could not delete the accounts. The first five characters of the name are simply "Jerry" backward and prepended (yes, prepend because it's inversed) with "kk." "kk" is the initial for a name that possesses special meaning to me (which I do not intend to disclose).